Quick Tips To Train Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

Are you still thinking why does my cat poop outside the litter box? If you have this question in mind, then don’t worry as this blog entails the answer to this question. It is quite common for cats to not use the litter box due to several reasons, however, don’t lose your hope and be patient to train them. In this blog, we will discuss some of the important factors that cat owners should bear in mind if they want to train their cats to use the litter box.

4 Useful Factors That Will Help You Train Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

If your cat pooping outside litter box, then don’t lose hope and be patient to train them. In this section, we will advise you on some important factors that most of the cat owners neglect while training or buying the litter box. Below we have listed a few important tips:

  • Buy The Right Litter Box

Make sure that you don’t make the common mistake of buying a wrong litter box as most of the cat owners just head out to buy the litter box blindly without doing a lot of research. It is always a better idea to search the local market and check out the various variants of the litter box available in the market. 

While buying the litter box, it is highly recommended that the cat owners buy it according to the taste of their feline friends and determine whether they are comfortable using it or not. Make sure you take advice from the vendor and compare at least two to three variants of the litter box

  • Determine If It Is Covered Or Uncovered

Determine if you should buy a covered or uncovered litter box depending on several factors such as their height, taste, and age. We often think that the design does not matter much, however, it is not true. Even your cats have a taste and some cats prefer a covered litter box while some prefer to use uncovered. You will have to examine keeping several factors in mind and opt for the best one.

  • Buy More Than One 

If you have just started to train your cats to use the litter box, then there is a high possibility that they will create a mess. It is suggested that you buy more than one litter box as you will be needing more than one litter box. A spare litter box will be the ideal choice as you never know when you will be needing it urgently. It is always a better idea to keep a spare litter box while training your cats to use a litter box.

  • Keep It At The Right Location

Most of the cats do not use the litter box because the cat owners keep it at the wrong location. Either they keep it too high or at an unreachable position. It is advisable that you place it at the right place that is easily reachable and your cats feel safer while using it. You might need to try many times and will be able to locate the place after several attempts so don’t get disheartened and keep it at the right location.

The above-listed are some of the helpful factors tips that you should bear in mind if your cat not using litter box. Make certain that you take the important factors into consideration as it will help you train your cats in no time without facing any hassle. You need to be patient and make sure that you pay attention to the small details of your cats as they have different taste and requirements. You will need to figure out a way that is convenient for your cats. Before buying the litter box, make sure you check out the various options and buy the one that is the best choice. 

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the important tips that will help you buy the right litter box without making a mistake. It is very important to keep the important factors into mind as it will prevent you from making the mistake and buy the best one.

Learn How To Prevent A Dog From Eating Cat’s Food

Can you blame your dog if he eats your cat food? Well, don’t get furious as cat food has a high level of protein and fats intake. It also has a strong smell as opposed to dogs food. If you are looking for ways how to keep dog from eating cat food, then stop your research on the internet as we have mentioned some helpful tips that will definitely stop your dog from eating your cat’s food. You just need to be patient to help them follow a routine and in just a few days, your dog will learn not to eat your cat’s food. You can teach them that it is not the right thing to do by giving them training and you can also remove your cat’s food immediately.

A Guide To Train Your Dog Not To Eat Your Cat’s Food

If you are facing an issue with your dog and he is eating your cat’s food constantly, then don’t worry as we have discussed some ways that will help you solve the problem. Below we have mentioned a few ways that will stop them from eating your cat’s food:

  • Make certain that their food bowls are distinguishable. Your dog can get confused and might not know the difference. So make sure that you help him understand the difference between his food bowl and your cat’s bowl.
  • You can teach him to identify the food bowl by putting different placements beneath their food bowl and buying different food size bowls.
  • You can also keep the timings of their meal at a different time and keep a gap of at least 30 minutes. This way, you can prevent them from eating the cat’s food.
  • You can also give him the command and say ‘No’ gradually they learn and understand that it is off-limits. In just a few weeks, they will understand.

The above are some of the ways that will help you train your dog not to eat cat’s food. You just need to be patient and help them understand the difference between the food bowl. You can train them together and serve the food together. Make sure that you don’t lose your temper and scold them as it will only escalate their anger and they can vent it out on you or your cat. Ensure that you avoid raising your hand and voice as this is not the healthy way to teach them and it can be quite stressful them. If you want a proper guide on best cat food then please visit here- https://kittyneeds.com/best-kitten-food-reviews/

Eliminate The Chance For Your Dog To Eat Cat Food

If you have tried the above ways and you still cannot control them, then you need to eliminate the chance for your dog to eat cat’s food. This way, they will learn that it is off-limits and they cannot eat the food as it is not acceptable. Below we have listed a few effective ways to prevent them from eating cat’s food and eliminating the chance:

  • If you have a puppy or a small dog, then you can keep them in a space that has a sturdy gate. It is one of the best ways to lock them for a while and let your cat eat the food without any trouble.
  • However, if you a large size dog, then you can set-up a small gate for your cat and only your cat can go inside the gate and eat their meal without any interference from your dog.
  • Another way is to give them meals at different timings and till then, keep your dog in a crate until your cat finishes their meal.
  • If you are short on space, then you can place the food bowl at a high surface as your cat can easily climb and your dog cannot. This will definitely solve your problem.

The above are some of the ways that will eliminate the chance for your dog to eat the food of your cat. Make sure you take extra measures and make certain that they don’t eat the food of your cat. If you are thinking that can dogs eat cat food, then we suggest it is not the right way as your dog will have a problem to digest the food. Can dogs eat cat treats if you have this question in your mind, then again we will not recommend as cat’s food has a high source of fats and protein that is not healthy for your dog. Ensure that you take every measure and keep them from eating the cat’s food and give them the dog’s treat and train them with patience.

We hope after reading the blog, we have helped you learn effective ways to prevent your dog from eating the cat’s food. You just need to train them and be patient.

DIY Cat tree plans

Cat is your loveliest furry friend and you can easily make a castle for your furry friend. Making a cat tree for your cat is one of the best things you can do for your cat. Cat furniture is actually necessary and healthy for your cat. If you stay at the outskirts of the city, in that case, the cat tree is not quite necessary. When you stay in apartments and closed spaces, and you are not able to allow your cat to go outside, the cat tree becomes a must. The cats really need furniture of their own. You can make the best cat tree for your cat. There are reasons associated which you must know before you buy or make furniture for your cat
• The cats are natural scratchers. It is a myth that when a cat scratches it is trying to sharpen its claws. When the cats scratch, they actually shed their claws. While the cat scratches the furniture, it encourages the new growth of their claws. This is one of the reasons why cats need their own furniture.
• It is the natural instinct of the cat is to jump and climb. If they do not have their own furniture for such activities, they will use your furniture for that. The cats also hide and chase. If you have seen wild cats, they also hunt and kill their prey. This is their natural instinct which you can see indoors.
• Cats do sleep most of the times. That is why they a cozy place for themselves and they can sleep for 16 hours a day.
The cat owners sometimes get tired of looking at their furniture messed up by their cats. That is why it is suggested to invest in a good cat tree. Cats also do get stressed easily. Buying a cat bed, a cat tree or cat scratching post will surely help to remain stress-free. It is also important to know how to build a cat house out of wood.

Although you must know how to build a cat tree but consider these points to
provide cats with a good environment indoors-

  1. Make sure that the indoors which you choose are interesting. Although cats enjoy very much outside, if the indoors are interesting and playful for them they will also love to stay indoors. With little effort, you can provide them with a safe and enriching environment.
  2. Your cat should get feline friendly places so that it can hang out easily. If you have elevated perches at home, it would serve the climbing needs of your cat.
  3. The bird feeder, also known as Cat TV provides mental stimulation to the cats. SO you can hang it somewhere inside the house
  4. Play with your cat as much as possible. It would strengthen the bond between you and your cat. The cats have a natural desire to hunt. When you play with your cat, it simultaneously satisfies their natural desire to hunt.
  5. Try to observe what kind of activities your cat enjoys the most. There are cats who love to take a bath. Few cats will not snuggle when you cuddle them, but then it does not mean that they do not enjoy it.
  6. Building a ‘CATIO’ is also considered a good option for your cat. The Catios are either attached to the garage or a house. In the well-built catios, the cats do not get stolen even if they are outside the house. This way they will enjoy more.
  7. You can also invest in cat strollers, although very few people want to invest in it.
  8. Raise your cat like a kitten in order to make them happy. In case you have adopted a cat who used to remain outside most of the times, the transition can be a bit difficult. You can gradually feed them inside or give them the litter box and scratching stuff as well.

Considering the fact that you have some outdoor space and you want to utilize it for your cat, you can surely erect a cat tree. Most of the people use sisal rope for making a cat tree, although it is not weatherproof. The sisal might get discolored with the time. For weatherproof cat tree, use hempex or Ronseal. Whichever kind of cat tree you make, your cat will get used to it with time, that is why make sure that you use treated wooden structure for it which remains sturdy for a long time.

These are the best cat trees of 2019-

• Vesper Cat furniture
• Midwest Nuvo Cat Furniture
• Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture
• Simple sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed
You would not like to build a cat tree every then and now. It’s better to make a cat tree in such a way that your cat uses it for a longer time.

Quick Tips To Train Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

Can you blame your cats if they are not using the litter box? If you are looking for effective ways how to train your cat to use the litter box on Google search pages, then stop the search and read the blog as we have discussed some of the useful tips that will help you train your cat. You will notice that cats are usually tidy and dispose of their waste, however, with a little guidance you can train them to use the litter box and solve your problem. This blog entails effective ways to help you train your cats to use the litter box.

Tips To Train Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

If you don’t know when to start litter box training kittens, then read the blog as we have mentioned a few tips on how you can train them to use the litter box without yelling or beating them. Below are some of the useful ways that can help you train them in a short span of time:

Pick The Right Litter Box

Pick the right litter box for your cats as most of the cat owners to make the mistake of buying a wrong litter box. They often end up purchasing either a small or a big litter box for their cat so make sure when you head out to buy a litter box, you measure it and check the size of the box. There are various options available in the market of different sizes and designs. Make sure you don’t buy a fancy design that makes it difficult for your cats to use it. It is a better idea to buy a box that has low sides and your cat can easily enter and exit the box without facing any hassle.

Determine Whether To Buy Covered Or Uncovered

This is another important factor that should be considered whether you should buy a covered or uncovered litter box. Both options have their own limitations and benefits. It is up to you whether you want to go for a covered box or uncovered. You should buy according to your cat’s preference and determine whether they will like uncovered or covered and buy it accordingly. If you pick the covered litter box, then your cats will get privacy so your furry friends get distracted easily, then go for the covered option. If your cat is big in size, then you can go for an uncovered option as it will be convenient for them to enter and exit the box.

Buy More Than One Litter Box

You should buy more than one box if you have space in your home. If your cat is young and has just started using the box, then you should have more than one box. If you have more than one cat, even then you will be needing an extra litter box. So make sure you consider this factor as they can ruin it if they are too young so it is always a better idea to have a spare litter box.

Select The Right Location

The right location plays an important role as the cats have a natural instinct and if you have not selected the right location, then they will face problem while relieving them. You might find the location after a few trials so don’t get disheartened or lose hope. It might take some time for you to find the perfect location for your cat. It will require some trials and a lot of patience.

Make It Reachable

If the litter box is placed at a reachable location and is convenient for them to use, then they will use the litter box without any hesitation. You need to make sure that your cat goes the litter box conveniently without facing a hindrance. The litter box should not be kept at a great height or at the uneven surface.

There are several reasons why your kitten wont use litter box, however, you need to find out the reason why they are not using it and identify whether the problem is with the size, location, and the design of the litter box. You need to make sure that you keep all the above important factors in mind while training your cats to use the litter box. The above are some of the possible reasons that might be the reason why your cats are not using the litter box.

This blog discusses how you can train your cats to use the litter box and why it is important that you place the box at the right location. Make sure that you follow the tips as it will help you understand why your cats are not using the litter box.

How to Clean the Litter Box

If there is anything kitten lover found most tough while petting then it’s cleaning the litter box. If you are also one of them this article will help you to keep it clean with a basic understanding of how to clean the cat litter box and best self-cleaning litter box.

How to Clean the Litter Box

Cleaning the litter box is a simple task if done regularly. We are discussing the steps to be followed in the following section in the context of how to clean a litter box, especially how to clean a litter box in an apartment.

Steps to Follow –

If you wonder how to clean cat litter box these easy steps should always be followed –

  1. Never start cleaning the litter box naked hand. Always put gloves before starting the cleaning. Always keep your gloves clean and neutralize it after cleaning.
  2. Scooping of litter should be done daily without a miss.
  3. After collecting the waste put them in baggage and disposes it daily.
  4. Fill the box with litter and level it properly.
  5. Remember to use a mat sheet beneath the litter box.

These are the basic rules to be followed but there are some other points also which needed to be taken care of, to provide a soothing experience to your cat. In the coming section, we have discussed those points to be taken care of while cleaning your litter box.

How to Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment

Litter box liner, though the optional, but a convenient method to clean the box. It is easy to clean the tidy litter box with this liner especially when it comes to the litter which is hard to scoop, liner plays its role. Pooling of excess urine could be conveniently done with this litter box.

Filling Litter Box with Litter

In most cases, it is advisable to fill the litter box with a maximum of three inches of litter. But if your cat is one of the scratches kinds you can raise the bar by an inch. You have to go with some trial and error finally to evaluate what will be the ideal level for your cat. In the beginning, we will advise you to start with two inches bar and fill the litter up to that level. If possible try to opt for some clumping litter kind of option. In the latter case, need of pan liner is totally eliminated. Finally, after filling the box with litter up to the needed level, the second option will be level the litter. Never forget to level the litter before you finalizes its use by your kitten. Leveling will provide a smooth surface to your kitten and prompt it to use the litter box.


Clumping the litter makes scooping quite easy. Scooping is comparatively an easy process, as all urine gets clumped into solid chunks. These chunks could be scooped out with ease as compared to another way around.

How Often to Clean Litter Box

Scooping should be done twice a day. If the frequency of scooping is kept less than this it could seriously compromise the hygiene. If you find the need you could do the process more often but not less than it. Adding fresh litter every time while scooping depends upon the need. If you think the litter level has gone down after scooping add more litter to it and never forget to smooth the surface after littering.

Scoop Dumping

There are many scoop dumpers available in the market. Though not a necessity, but their possession will make your work easy for sure. These scoop dumpers make the disposal of stale litter comparatively easy. You can use the scoop dumper twice and on the garbage day empty the scoop dumper bag in the garbage can. The most important thing while purchasing the scoop dumper is the fact that it should lock the foul odor of scoop within it. There is a lick system available which don’t let the foul odor to come out.

Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Acquiring a good sturdy box also contributes to your cleaning. A plastic sturdy Box with straight corner is what you are looking for. Covering of litter box should always depend upon the preference of your kitty. Sometimes covering traps the smell inside the box which makes the place uncomfortable for the kitty. Covering also curbs the places which your kitten may don’t like.

Good Scooper Makes a Difference

Yes, scooper has its own role to do. A bad quality scoop will not be able to hold the weight of litter and will break often while scooping. An aluminum scoop is in trend in the present day which is strong and rust free. Scoop should be designed in a manner so that each corner of the box could be properly scooped out. You can also consider scoops which come with an added advantage to act as broom, scoop, and dustpan at the same time.


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to scoop the litter regularly. Scooping will make sure that litter box always smells fresh. This is important both for hygiene and preference purposes. Type of litter used also makes a difference when it comes to scooping. Also, non-clumping litter also needs to be emptied and washed often. Sometimes we make superficial scooping leaving the bottom litter undisturbed. This bottom litter becomes the source of many pathetic problems and hygiene issues. Scooping is a simple process and the only thing to remember here is often you scoop better will be the cleaning.

Do You Know How to Keep Litter From Sticking to the Box?

The cats make wonderful pets but it is a big challenge to avoid smell and mess created by the cats. If you have a cat at home, you will have to regularly maintain and clean the litter box. Over time you learn that how can you keep the litter costs down and at many times you can buy the litter box on your own. If you have a cat which remains either indoor or outdoor and the cat is trained to do the elimination outside, then it could be problematic for you. It is not far-sighted thinking. You must train the cat to do the elimination in the litter. There are reasons associated with it. One, if the temperature is extreme or it is snowy; it would be very uncomfortable for the cat. Two, Cat are shy creatures, so if they feel that they get bullied by any other dog or cat, dong the elimination outdoors might be very stressful for them.

As a cat lover who owns a cat as a pet, you must know how to keep the litter box clean.

Here are the few ways you can do it-
• Using non-clumping litter would be more comfortable as it would prevent it from sticking to cats paws. The clumping litter sticks more because of the granular particles in it. If you have a long haired cat, non-clumping litter is more apt because it is less likely that it would stick in the car’s hair
• Choose a litter with large granules as it would stick less to the cat’s paws. Using the crystal cat litter is more suitable because it is slightly more expensive.
• The size of your cat and litter should not be equal. If the litter box is small, the cat’s paws are likely to stick in its own waste
• Placing a mat outside to the entrance of the mat is also a good idea. While you keep a mat, it is suggested that you clean the mat regularly with the soapy water
• The mat should be more or less like a bathroom mat. If the mat is made up of the cardboard stuff, it would stick to the paws of the cat.
• It is suggested that you must clean the litter box, at least once in a week otherwise the feces remain stick to the litter box. If you notice that there is some odor, immediately clean it.

There are lone feral cats which hide their waste without any kind of training provided to them. They do so to cover the waste the smell of their waste from other animals or predators. You would also observe that the dominant cats would be more likely to leave their feces in order to mark their territory. It is in their instinct that the cats which are lower in the hierarchy are supposed to hide their feces as a mark of their subordination.

The cats have the innate tendency to not to play around with feces, so they get easily trained to use a litter box. You just have to make sure that the litter box is put in a private location. Most of the cats like to eliminate when they have just woken up from the nap or just after the completion of their meal. If you have one cat at your home, it will be considered as a subordinate member. If your home has multiple cats, it is likely that the dominant cat will leave their feces. The cats also tend to bury their leftover food in order to keep the area clean.

There is a cat litter box available in the market as well. A lot of people make it on their own, but some also purchase from a pet store itself. The scoop free self-cleaning litter box is one of the best litter boxes for a large cat. It comes with a major advantage.
• You do not have to remove the waste every day. All you need to do is to remove the disposable tray when it is required and replace it as well.
• The sensors start detecting when the cat uses the litter box. There are crystals inside which do absorb moisture from inside.
• It will absorb the odors and the solid waste eliminated by the cat will get dehydrated. There is a covered trap, in it, the waste gets trapped and locked.
• The best part of this litter box is that it has crystals which work well in keeping the moisture and odor away.
• The litter box comes with a health counter which would tell you how many times your cat has used the litter box.

After using these advanced types of litter boxes, you do not have to worry about how to clean a litter box in an apartment. These are quite convenient to use.

How Do I Keep My Cat from Climbing My Christmas Tree

We wait for the Christmas throughout the year and when the Christmas arrives, we decorate the Christmas tree with full zeal. People say that Christmas tree and cats do coexist Cats are one of the most playful creatures on the earth. If you have a cat, it can be too challenging for you to keep your decorated Christmas tree intact. Christmas trees are the tempting targets for the mischievous cats.
We have tried to compile few suggestions so that you can make sure that the cat does not climb up your Christmas tree-

Use Cords for the wire

The hanging wires are of course the primary target for the cats. They try to snatch those wires and in this process, sometimes all the decoration get wasted. You invest so much time in decorating the tree and your cat messes it up in one go. You can tape the cords to the wall so that it is not visible to the cats. If your cords are hanging, then the cats might get tempted to play with that.

Invest in the best Christmas tree for cats

If you own a curious cat, you really need to invest in a Christmas tree which does not get spoiled by the cat otherwise it can spell out the disaster for you. You can go for creating a Christmas tree shelf; there you can put your gifts as well. You can also go for wall hanging Christmas tree. If you are going for a wall hanging, make sure that you hang it high otherwise some cats might try to put their paws over it.

Use some Spray

There are few sprays which are distasteful to the cats. The smell of vinegar, hot sauce or camphor is distasteful to the cats. You need to spray it frequently. The only issue with using sprays is that you have to sprinkle it again and again because the smell fades away very soon.

Motion Detection Devices

There is actually no such perfect Christmas tree for cat owners. The best way is to choose what works right for you. In the market, there are many motion detection devices available. There are sensors available in the market which detects any kind of movement up to the vicinity of 3 feet. If there is any movement up to 3 feet away, it will make spray into the air which will make noise. That noise will keep the cats away from your Christmas tree.

Keep the blocks in the path of your Christmas tree

For those who keep the cat in their house, they will have to arrange something like the best cat trees for themselves. One of the ideas is to put up the roadblock so that it can act as an obstacle around the tree. You also need to remove the chairs or tables through which your cat can jump to the tree.
We do not discourage you to decorate your Christmas tree. Christmas comes once in a year. Enjoy it fully and but do not forget to keep your cats away from it.

How Safe is it for Dogs to Eat Cat Food?

Is it safe for dogs to eat cat food? Dogs and cats make wonderful pets. If you love animals, dogs and cats might be your favorite pets. Dogs are loyal and cats are so cute. Even when the child learns words and letter, he learns C for Cat and D for Dog. Isn’t it? When it comes to food, their eating habits might seem the same, but it is different. You will find many houses where there are dogs and cats kept as a pet. The food of cats is usually more expensive than dog food. For economic reasons, the dog owners tend to feed their cats with the dog food despite the fact that there is the best food for kittens available in the market.

The question is whether it is safe or not. Can dogs eat cat food occasionally? You need to know that there is a diet difference between the diet of cat and dog. For cats, meat is the main source of food. Dogs are omnivores, while cats are obligate carnivores. The dogs eat meat as well as plant-based food. The minimum of 5 per cent of fat for the dog food and 9 per cent for the cats is recommended by the Association of American Feed Controls. If you give a higher percentage of protein and fats to your dog, it leads to obesity in dogs.

The researches prove that a dog’s digestive system is completely different from the cats. The gastrointestinal system of a dog is completely different than a cat’s. The cats usually eat high-fat foods, but if the dogs start eating such foods, it can upset their stomach which results in vomiting and diarrhea.

This happens because dog’s pancreatitis cannot digest such fatty food and it will have a detrimental effect on the dog’s health. A dog needs more vitamins and minerals, but many cat foods do not contain vitamins and minerals in the right proportion. If the dogs eat such food, it might lead to either deficiencies or excesses of these ingredients. Dogs need more zinc and Vitamin E, but the cat food typically has fewer amounts of zinc and vitamin E. So now if someone asks you, can dogs eat cat treats? Then your response should be ‘No’.

Since ages, we have observed that the dogs are the proven hunters and scavengers. The food variety which they have is wide. Dogs eat cat food because it seems tastier to them. At many times, you will be surprised by the dogs eating habits because you will also find that sometimes the dogs start eating grass which is quite surprising. The dogs have the canine curiosity and that is why it triggers them to explore anything which looks hard. They want to sense them.

Can a dog go blind from eating cat food? The opposite is true. It means that if the cats eat dog food, the cats might turn blind. However, there are other side effects. If you watch your dog going over your cat’s food, do not encourage it. The cat food is extremely harmful to your dog. It is always best not to give access to cat food to your dog on a daily basis. Once you stop them, they will be conditioned that way and start ignoring it. Your dog mostly needs protein and fiber. It is quite important for their health. If you have both cat and dog at home, it is advisable that you feed them in different areas.

Though you have might hear have cats and dogs have a history of fights and they are natural enemies, but dogs love cat food. You will find owners who raise cats and dogs together and they live with harmony.

When Do Kittens Start Eating Food and Drinking Water

One needs to take a lot of care if one really wishes to keep a kitten as his pet. So, it is always important that you study all the things before you think of keeping it in your home. You should know what the kittens eat and what the kitten drink. The most important thing is that you can start to give water to your kitten after about 5 to 6 weeks. It might vary based on the kitten some might get used to it quickly while some might take some time.

Read Various Book to Know What Kittens Eat

There are different types of things that the kittens eat and it can be found out after reading various books for sure. Try to read books so that you can gather more information about the same. A lot of things will be there that you will get to learn after reading it. You will also come to know when kittens start eating solid food. Do not force or compel the kitten to drink water instead be patient and do your own effort in order to make the little one drink it.
It is not that tough to make and know how to get a kitten to drink water. You can try for a few days and after that kitten will start to drink on its own. For about three to six months of kittens, it is very essential that the feed is offered three times a day. After the kitten reaches 6 months you can reduce it say for two feeds and that is a good amount. Apart from that, you can also start with other options in food as well for variety.

Remember the Following Points Below Properly

In order to see your kitten grow in a proper manner you can always take care of the following points:
Feed your kitten properly and on time
• Take the advice of veterinary so that you are sure that you are on the right track.
• Start feeding water after 5 to 6 weeks.
• Take kitten for a walk when you are confident that it will be able to do so
• Consult the veterinary well in time if you see some problem being faced by the kitten
• Buy good branded for it
• Do read the expiry date before placing the order
• Give proper bath to it daily with Luke warm water so that it always looks well groomed

Food List based on Age

• One week old kitten – Bottle Feed with formula, 3 – 4 cc per feeding, two to three hours (approximately 9 to 12 feeds per day)
• Baby cat kibble for a kitten of 4 to 5 weeks, 5 – 6 cc per feeding, three hours
(approximately eight times a day)
• Mix kibble that is mixed with wet food for a kitten of 5 to 6 weeks
• Offer dry kibble for a kitten of around 7 weeks
• Till the kitten is one year you can offer wet food and later on you can consult the doctor and decide based on that.

So know you are aware when do kittens start eating food and based on that you can select the list and timing so that nothing is missed out. The best kitten food is easily available at various pet shops so try to buy it and feed your kitten regularly. But always remember that do not overfeed the kitten as it might affect its health. Also, each kitten has different diet so based on that you can plan and buy food items for your pet.